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Our wardrobes have developed from practical assets to social markers: they exude our personalities and speak volumes of our habits without uttering a single word. And that doesn’t just apply to large statement pieces, but also boils down to our accessories. Accessories give greater insight to one’s personal tastes and style, acting as windows into one’s true identity. This idea soon became the catalyst for our recent collaboration with Basically Me. Featuring newly-launched collections of embroidered dad hats, Basically Me is more than just it’s quotable one-liners: it’s spunky, sassy, relatable, and touches upon all the idiosyncrasies unique to us all. We sat down to interview Lucina Tam, a co-founder of Basically Me, to gain an inside look at how this project came to fruition.


1. What was the inspiration behind Basically Me?

Basically Me is a movement that was inspired by minimalism and individuality. My team and I wanted to create outlets of personal expression on apparel, while maintaining top-notch quality to complete any wardrobe.

2. The Classical Collection is certainly unique in its embroidery. What makes them such a closet essential?

This collection is essential because not only can it be paired with many different types of outfits, each of them is full of sass and a whole mood.

3. Tell us about your brand philosophy, and why minimalism appealed to you guys.

The ability to express yourself is the heart of our brand. We focus on creating apparel that is simple and straight to the point. Minimalism appeals to us because it helps use achieve our above goal, without any distractions.

4. What made you decide to work with MKC Threads?

MKC Threads has always been known for its professionalism, quality and reliability. I’ve been working with them since I was in college, so it only made sense to continue to build this relationship!

5. What’s your personal favorite collection/item?

It’s difficult just to pick one - k, idk, google it and out of office are some of my top choices!


Shop the new collections available now at Basically Me!

-MKC Threads

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