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Direct to Garment

MKC Services Screen Printing

Direct to garment printing is a process of directly printing designs onto a surface using specialty water-based inkjet technology, with a single layer of ink. The water-based ink is absorbed into the fibers of the the desired surface. This digital process allows for precise high-resolution images with no limit to the amount of colors, gradients, and textures being used.

Recommended Fabrics:

Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blend

We Accept Requests for:

  • Images over 5 colors

  • Low quantity orders

  • Photo-Realistic Images


What type of ink do we use?

We use water-based ink that requires a unique curing process. Pre-treatment is applied to the garment prior to printing. The pre-treatment is heat-pressed into the surface causing the fibers to lay down, allowing the water-based ink to bond fully.

How durable is direct to garment printing?

Typically, the printed design will last just as long as the item it is printed on.

What type of designs/images are ideal for direct to garment?

This method is ideal for designs with multiple colors, gradients, textures, and photo-realistic images.

What are the color limitations for direct to garment printing?

TThere is no limit on the number of colors you can use for your design. There are some limitations that make certain color combinations difficult, such as printing light-colored ink on dark fabric.

What type of artwork files do we accept?

  • Vector Artwork: (.AI, .EPS) or a high resolution (.PSD, .SVG, and .PDF), with layers and transparent backgrounds and RGB color format

  • Acceptable Photo Files: .JPEG, .PSD, .EPS, .TIFF

  • Resolution of 300 dpi or higher, to ensure the highest clarity

  • Converting artwork from 72 dpi to 300 dpi may not produce good results and will result in pixelation or low quality image

  • Low resolution designs may have to be vectorized by a graphic design artist

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