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Greek Design Guidelines

MKC Threads is an Official Licensed Greek Vendor. We are licensed to work with a number of Greek organizations across the nation, allowing us to produce apparel for the Greek community.




Helpful Tips

Include ALL Details

  • Commonly overlooked details are size and color of apparel, location of design, color of embroideries, color(s) of patches, embroidery fonts, nickname fonts.
  • Specify color, names and shade
  • Orders may be delayed if details are missing from an order

Varsity Font is all caps

  • Our standard font for nicknames is “Varsity”, which consists of all capitalized letters
  • Specify if a different font is wanted (Accidental Presidency, Impact, Rockwell Bold)
  • Indicate if you would like the nickname to be case-sensitive

Script Fonts

  • Would look best as lowercase text or with just first letter capitalized
  • If a script text is all capitalized, it will not be as legible

Orientation is When Worn

  • Using a line jacket as an example, the left side of the front would be over your heart. This applies to the sleeves as well
  • Placements of certain aspects on apparel may vary by organization and chapter. Please clarify placements and orientations

Greek Chapter & Class

  • Please make sure to specify which greek letter is the chapter and which is the class
  • Please note, if you would like to use lowercase greek letters for your chapter

Design Placement

  • We will follow standard design placement, unless otherwise specified
  • Any special placement requests must be noted

Design Sizing

  • We have standard sizing set for all the options we offer, keeping in mind all sizing limitations
  • Our standard height sizes are: 4” greek letters, 2.5” nicknames, 8” numbers and 2” sleeves for our double layered patches
  • Embroidered text will be sized by us on a case by case basis. Taking into consideration the font used, location and other designs sewn on

Patch Colors

  • Foreground Color = Top Layer
  • Background Color = Back Layer
  • Some organizations have a limit to what colors are allowed to be used for their Greek letter patches, please keep in mind the standards set in place by your Organization’s National Board

Small Designs / Logos

  • Very intricate and detailed designs with multiple colors will require a large area to sew on
  • 2 - 5 inches is the recommended size, smaller than 2 inches will be judged on a case by case basis

Large Designs (Back)

  • Gradients, shades, and blending is not recommended for embroidery. For best results, make sure designs have clear defined outlines and solid colors
  • Designs are priced based on the amount of stitches, area it takes up, and the number of colors used

Color Contrast

  • Using contrasting colors in a design can help make the details stand out.
  • Make sure to consider the garment color when deciding on embroidery colors

Care For Apparel

When caring for your Greek apparel, we recommend washing your items inside out. Although embroidery and tackle twill is extremely durable, this will ensure that your letters will be kept in the best condition.

For best results, it is not recommended to put your letters in the dryer as they tend to get wrinkled. Lay your apparel out to dry when possible to keep your letters looking nice and crisp.


  • Aspects of Greek organizations are trademarked - Greek letters, names, mascots, crests, and any combination are protected by law.
  • Pockets may be sewn shut depending on apparel and placement of letters.
  • We will use our standard sizing per application, unless otherwise stated.

    • Note: Some size requests cannot be fulfilled due to item / hoop constraints
  • Location of designs will be our standard locations, unless otherwise stated. Unconventional locations may be subject to extra charge.
  • Patch sizing for general Greek applications will be our standard sizing - otherwise subject to additional fees.
  • Unless specified, most of our apparel are unisex sizes. Sizes are true to size.

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