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Screen Printing

MKC Services Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of transferring Plastisol ink onto a surface through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design. One color is applied at a time, so several screens are used to produce a multi-colored design.

Recommended Fabrics:

Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blend

We Accept Requests for:

  • Designs with 1-5 colors

  • Orders of 12 or more

  • Pantone Color Match

Color Swatches

Color swatches on screen are a general reresentation of colors and should not be used to color match. Colors may appear different on each computer screen






Glow In The Dark


What type of ink do we use?

We use Plastisol ink - the most commonly used ink type used for printing designs. The ink is composed primarily of two ingredients, PVC resin (a white powder) and plasticizer (a thick, clear liquid). It must be heated to dry and will not dry or cure at normal temperatures. It will adhere to any surfaces that can withstand the heat required to cure the ink and can permit good ink adhesion. Plastisol inks do not color the fibers like a dye, instead it wraps around the fibers and makes a mechanical bond with the fabric. It will not adhere to plastic, metal and glass.

How durable is screen printing?

It is extremely durable and will often outlast the life of the item it is printed on.

What kind of designs are ideal for screen printing?

This method is ideal for simple designs using solid colors. This is also recommended for requests with higher quantities, where a repetition of one design is printed.

What are the color limitations for screen printing?

The number of colors being used per design is limited. Only one color can be used per screen stencil and only one color can be printed at a time. We recommend this method for designs with 1-4 colors.

What can we screen print on?

We can print on many surfaces! The most common garment are t-shirts but we can print on sweatshirts, jerseys, caps, hats, bags, towels and more.

Do we Pantone color match?

Yes we do! We can match the Pantone color of your company’s colors so that you can stay on brand.

What type of artwork files do we accept?

  • Vector Artwork (.AI, .EPS) or a high resolution .PSD, .SVG, and .PDF, with layers and transparent backgrounds

  • Resolution of 300 dpi or higher

  • Low resolution designs may have to be vectorized by a graphic design artist

  • Artwork that is too small may not be possible to print

  • The vectored lines used in your design must be at least 1 pt or .013 inches for the design to be visible and printed properly without any ink bleeds

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