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Tackle Twill

MKC Services Tackle Twill

Tackle twill is one of the most common option used by sports teams, Greek organizations, and school clubs. It is the process of stitching pre-cut pieces of material to the garment of your choice. With the option of adding multiple layers, you are able to create a bold 3-D effect on your custom product. It is the most suitable way for filling in areas of color in larger fonts and designs.
Using our custom plotter cutters, we are able to cut out suitable fabrics in the shape of your requested design. The design is then secured onto the apparel, with your choice of stitching.

Cross Stitch (Zig-Zag)

Satin Stitch

Satin Stitch with Different Colored Twill

Satin Stitch with Different Colored Satin

Color Swatches

MKC Tackle Twill Color Swatches





Can we embroider over tackle twill?

Yes, we can. Tackle twill is an embroidery method which requires stitches to be run over the cut out tackle twill in order to place them onto the garment. Tackle twill is not a limitation for designs. Designs may be placed on top of the tackle twill layer(s) to create the design you envision. The purpose of the tackle twill layer(s) is to make a more bold sturdy look to your apparel.

What is tackle twill made out of?

The tackle twill that we use at MKC Threads is made fully out of polyester. The material used to make tackle twill enables durability to last a long time.

How many layers of tackle twill can be layered on top of each other?

Tackle twill is able to be layered multiple times. From a design aspect, designs with more than three layers will look thick on the apparel and be difficult to embroider over. When choosing a design that requires tackle twill patches, it is recommended to limit the number of layers to a maximum of three.

How durable is tackle twill?

When it comes to the different embroidery methods, tackle twill is one of the most durable and long lasting. The embroidery that holds the tackle twill to the garment keeps the tackle twill intact. There is no easy way to remove tackle twill from the surface it is stitched onto, protecting your design from wear and tear.

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